Speed Descent of Aconcagua The Eiger!

Update: Ok! So this is the same footage I posted on last year after all, and isn’t Aconcagua at all. It’s once again The Eiger, but edited a bit differently. Still a cool video if you haven’t seen it before.

Now, I’ll commence with the lawsuit against Team Geared Up. Let see… I’m sure I can get them on “Mis-representation of a mountain” or perhaps” or simply “praying on the helplessly dumb”. 🙂

Nearly a year ago I posted a link to a video of a speed descent on The Eiger, in which France’s François Bon donned a parachute, stepped into his skis and proceeded to ski/glide/fly down the mountain.

Well now it seems that Bon is up to his old tricks again, but this time he’s on Aconcagaua, the tallest mountain in South America. The video of his speed descent is posted below, and the ride looks exhilarating, scary, and wild all at the same time. Especially when he wanders fairly close to some of those big rocks. Cool vid!

Thanks to Team Geared Up for this one!

Kraig Becker

5 thoughts on “Speed Descent of <strike through>Aconcagua</strike through> The Eiger!”

  1. The footage in this video is from the Eiger speed descent shown at the National Geographic website. Take a good look at both – they’re the same mountain, same helmet camera; the NG one is edited with other video, that’s all.

  2. Ahh hah! That’s what happens when you don’t watch the other video for more than a year. And when I take the word for it from another site. Hmm… better edit the post.

  3. yeah i noticed the same yesterday but didn’t comment, sorry

    you can sue me too


    but isn’t it bad when I memorize film and topo from Eiger
    and even, recall it a year later

    and you’re better than some Media outlets like Dan Rather, NY Times or, the latest, LA Times Diddy / Tupac fabrication


  4. You’ll be hearing from my lawyer!

    But seriously, I don’t mind admitting when I’m wrong and making the change. Happens to all of us. It’s how we deal with it that makes the difference in my opinion.

    And yes, your memory of the Eiger is indeed impressive. Some might even say you have an Eiger Obsession. 😉

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