Taos Opens To Snowboarders!

The headline over at the Backcountry Blog says it all today, bolding proclaiming that Hell Has Frozen Over. Well, most people wouldn’t describe Taos as hell exactly. In fact, the ski resort is amongst the best in the country, with some amazing runs set amongst stunning scenery.

So what’s the deal then? Well, it seems that today is the day that many have waited for (or dreaded depending on your point of view), as this premiere resort has finally opened it slopes for snowboarding. In fact, they’ve even got a snowboard page up and running with all the information you’ll need, including lift ticket prices and snowboard lessons schedules.

And if you’re heading to Taos in the next few days, the local weather today is 32° F, with an inch of snow falling in the past three days. If that doesn’t sound like much, never fear. They have a 104 inch base just waiting for you.

Welcome to the 21st Century Taos!

Kraig Becker