Top 10 Weirdest Foot Races

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Today’s Daily Dose from The Gear Junkie brings us his Top 10 Weirdest Foot Races with some of the strangest and wackiest events you’ll ever find.

For instance, he opens the article with a blurb on the Kaniksu Ranch Bare Buns Fun Run which is a 5k, not unlike the thousands of others that take place every year, except in this case, all the runners are nude. Well, I take that back. They do have their shoes on!

Other interesting events to make the top ten list include The Muddy Buddy, which has become a bit of an institution in a number of cities across the country, including my town of Austin, TX. This unique race, which includes teams of two alternating running and riding a bike over different sections of the 6-7 mile course, ends with it’s trademark mud pit that competitors have to swim, crawl, and slog their way through.

The Nepal Trek and Trail Run has competitors spending six days in the Himalayan country, trekking amongst the spectacular mountains, but on the last day you’ll finish up with a half-marathon. The event mixes cultural immersion with hiking in the legendary Annapurna area, and then wraps it all up with a trail run.

Also making the list is the Marathon des Sables which also happens to be one of my favorite events as well. This yearly race is held in Morocco, where competitors brave 120º heat to run a course 151 miles in length, spread out over six days.

So, if you’re tired of running the New York or Boston Marathons, are up for a new challenge, and want to mix a little adventure into your next race, give this list a look. Perhaps one of the races will appeal to you. Just try to keep your clothes on if you decide to run the Antarctic Marathon.

Kraig Becker

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