Top 7: Adventures In The Air

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Adventure Journey is back with another one of their “Top 7” lists, this time it’s the Top 7 Adventures In The Air.

As you can guess by the title, this is all about slipping the “surly bonds of Earth” and getting some altitude while taking in some amazing scenery or getting the thrill of altitude. As usual, you’ll find some great suggestions on the list, such as number seven itself, which is a helicopter ride over New Zealand’s White Island Volcano. Several of the adventures involve hang gliding, para-gliding, or sky diving, and usually in some unique and exotic local. I won’t spoil #1 on the list, but lets just say it isn’t really open for everyone.

Number six on the list is taking in the Serengeti while in a hot air balloon, which would be an amazing way to go on safari. While I was in Tanzania last year, we actually saw a balloon over the Serengeti one morning while we zoomed around in our Land Cruiser. The sun was just coming up, and it was a beautiful morning, and I couldn’t help but wish I had been up there. I’m sure the scenery was great, and you could easily spot wildlife from a long way off. Definitely worth looking into the next time you head out on a big game safari!

Kraig Becker

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