8 Tips For Adventure Racing – Part 1

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Team Geared Up posted a short, but informative article with tips for beginning adventure racers.

In Part 1 of “8 Tips For Adventure Racing”, Nathan Kingerlee of OutdoorsIreland.com offers up 4 good pieces of advice on such topics as gear, learning to pace yourself, nutrition while racing, and knowing the course. Some of his suggestions well seem a bit elementary if you’ve been racing for awhile, but if you’re considering getting into the sport for the first time, say to participate in the Primal Quest Sprint Series, his advice can be quite useful.

For instance, on the topic of gear, he highly recommends going with lightweight items. He notes that even the shortest events, like PQSS, will still run several hours in length, and any weight saved on your gear will make you faster and stronger over the length of the course. He does warn that lightweight items do cost more, and are sometimes less durable, but their value shines through on race day.

Tomorrow we’ll get Part II of Nathan’s tips, with four more bits of wisdom.

Kraig Becker

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