8 Tips For Adventure Racing – Part 2

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Yesterday I posted Part 1 of Nathan Kingerlee’s tips for adventure racing, and today we get Part 2 courtesy of the Team Geared Up Blog.

This time out, Nathan discusses planning for your transition times, selecting proper clothing and footwear, practicing the necessary skills for adventure racing, and looking out for yourself while competing in the events. Once again, these are some short, but useful tips for someone who is new to the sport and looking to get started in adventure racing.

I particularly like his advice on transition phases. He notes that “time is often lost due to a lackadaisical approach to transitions” and I think any experienced adventure racer would agree. The very good teams move into the transition area, get make their transitions quickly and efficiently and are back out on the course in no time. A race can be won and lost in transitions and learning how to handle them is an essential part of the sport.

Some of the tips Nathan has offered in these two articles seem fairly basic, but they make excellent reminders to experienced racers and give beginners more to think about.

Kraig Becker

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