Adventure Has Q&A with David Breashears

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Yesterday I mentioned that David Breashear’s Storm Over Everest would be hitting PBS on May 13th (9-11 PM EDT, check your listings, set your DVR’s, etc. etc.). In the movie, Breashears returns to Everest to tell the tale of the 1996 tragedy, revealing more of what happened, and speaking with the survivors 12 years after the fact.

Now, National Geographic Adventure has taken the opportunity to sit down with the famed filmmaker and mountaineer to discuss his latest project in a very nice Q&A Session in which he discusses why he went back to revisit the story now, his thoughts on what caused the disaster, and whether or not he thinks it could happen again. Breashears ends the interview by saying “I think it’s the first real film I’ve ever made.” Adventure also posted the same preview clip of the show that I linked to yesterday. It’s a nice glimpse of what we can expect.

Last night while watching the show Strange Days On Planet Earth on PBS, I caught a preview for Storm and I have to say it looks amazing. I was really impressive with amazing visual of the Himalaya and some interesting interviews with survivors such as Beck Weathers. I was already anticipating the movie, but after seeing the preview, I was really excited. Looks like it should be something special for Everest fans and mountaineers of the armchair variety or otherwise.

Kraig Becker

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  1. Looks like it’s going to be worth the wait Sara. The preview on PBS that I saw was amazing.

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