Backpacker Puts Gear Guide Online

This morning while catching up on the latest adventure news, I dropped by The Adventurist where I learned that Backpacker Magazine has published their latest issue on their recently revamped website. Ah, but this isn’t just any issue, it’s the much anticipated Gear Guide with the latest and greatest gear for every outdoor pursuit.

As you would expect, Backpacker has picked their favorite packs, their top tents, boots, sleeping bags and much, much more. And when you’re done drooling over all the cool stuff you can’t afford, be sure to check out their trail tips from the experts. That article has guys like Ed Viesturs and Andrew Skurka telling you how they do things. Not that they know anything.

For “gearheads” like me, this issue is like that Christmas Wish Book we paged through as kids. I pretty much want one of everything, even if I really don’t need it. I’ve got a big gear closet at home, and it isn’t full yet. I’ll keep going until it is! 🙂

Kraig Becker

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