Brian Oestrike Sets Sights on Lhotse!

With all the focus on the shenanigans on Everest this year, we tend to forget about climbers on Lhotse, Everest’s neighbor. Climbers on Lhotse share BC, the Icefall, and Camps 1, 2, and 3 with their brethren on Everest, before they part ways and make their way toward their respective high camps and summits.

One climber who already knows Everest is making his bid for Lhotse this year. Brian Oestrike topped out on Everest last year as part of the LUNGevity Team and now he’s returning to give Lhotse a go, this time in a solo effort.

Brian is blogging his expedition at where he discusses his training methods, that include the use of a Hypoxico training system that allows him to simulate high altitudes like those in the Himalaya, even while he’s back here in the States. Hypoxico is one of Brian’s sponsors and he is working closely with them to test the effectiveness of their system.

According to Brian’s latest dispatch, he’s arrived in Kathmandu, and is setting out for Lukla after just ten hours stay in the capital city, where he paid a visit to his gear stash, including a 3 pound block of cheese left over from last year. Brian hopes to be in Namche Bizarre in just a few days time as he begins the trek up to BC.

I’m sure Brian won’t be the only climber on Lhotse this season, although I haven’t heard of too much traffic on that peak. Lhotse isn’t as sexy as Everest when someone is putting it on their resume, and on top of that, they still have to deal with the military in Base Camp, the Liaison Officers monitoring communications, and the same restrictions on their climb as Everest this year.

Good luck Brian. We’ll be following your adventures!

Kraig Becker