Europe’s Best Treks

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The Times Online has a cool article today on Europe’s Top Treks with some great ideas for hitting the trail when visiting that continent. While many don’t think of Europe as being a great destination for trekking, there are still plenty of great spots to hike, although they do tend to be less arduous and offer up amenities that you don’t find elsewhere.

Take for example the four day trek through the Tuscan hills that the author of the article first mentions. The trail runs from San Gimignano to Siena and winds it’s way through very scenic landscapes dotted with Italian villages. At the end of the day you can stay in comfortable Inns, complete with swimming pools, and dine of fine food and wine from the surrounding area. Not exactly roughing it, especially when you’re covering just 10 miles per day on average.

Most of the article focuses on the Tuscan trek, but there are also five other treks that are given brief, but enticing descriptions. Each of the treks offer a simple to follow route, with similar amenities. Comfortable inns, transfer of your baggage to each night’s location, and cultural treats to compliment your hiking experience. For instance, The Lycian Way, which wanders 300 miles along the coast of Turkey, highlighted with beautiful beaches, ancient citadels, and orange groves.

Of course, no list of European treks is complete with out the Haute Route, and it makes the list as well. Probably the most classic of European treks, this one wanders the Alps, passing through high altitude passes, and covering ground from Chamonix to Zermatt. This one is more challenging than the others, but still ends each day with a stay in a comfy mountain hut, with good food, wine, and other European luxuries.

Kraig Becker

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