Everest Trek and Workshop in 2009 with The Rest of Everest!!

Rest of Everest Logo small
This weeks episode of The Rest of Everest is a break from the recent video tour of Tibet that we’ve all been enjoying in favor of an audio only episode that contains a very special announcement for all of us fans of the show.

Jon Miller, the producer of The Rest of Everest, and his good friend Chris Marquardt of the Tips From The Top Floor podcast, have joined forces to announce a Everest Trek and photography/videography workshop for 2009. Chris specializes in photography and Jon obviously has his roots in videography, and the two have put together their considerable talents to to offer the rest of us an adventure of a lifetime. Next Spring, a group of fortunate individuals will get to go on an adventure that will lead them to Everest Base Camp on the South Side, while these two talented men show them how to use their video and digital cameras along the way.

They have already set up a great website at EverestTrek2009.com that can provide some preliminary information, as much of it is still in flux, with details falling into line over the course of the months ahead. You will find brief bios of both Chris and Jon, information on Nepal, an overview of The Trek, and an earlyFAQ with some good info.

I’m sure we’ll be hearing more about this in the weeks ahead, and I know I can’t wait to learn more. I’d love to join the trek, and could certainly use some tips on how to use my DSLR and new video camera as well. I can’t think of two guys I’d rather learn from. Where do I sign up?!?!

Kraig Becker