Exploring Morocco By Motorcycle

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The Times Online has another great article in their Travel section today, with writer John Naish exploring Morocco and the Sahara Desert by motorcycle.

John admits that he was drawn to “adventure motorcycling” by the exploits of Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman who have gone both the Long Way Round and the Long Way Down. So, he sets off for the mountains, deserts, plains, gorges and dunes of Morocco on a seven day, organized tour that is both challenging and adventurous, even for experienced riders.

The course begins in the town of Oarzazarte and winds it’s way through the Atlas Mountains before descending into the Sahara below. All of road of course, which adds to the unpredictable nature of the ride and can result in breakdowns, both for the machine and the rider. In fact, two of John’s companions were sent home with fairly significant injuries.

Despite all that, this seems like a pretty cool way to see some remote areas, provided the trails aren’t getting so busy as to have a negative impact on the surrounding countryside. On this particular trip they stayed in Inns each night, but I think it would be even cooler to camp on the trail at the end of a day. Still, something very unique and different in a travel experience. Charley and Ewan would be proud.

Kraig Becker

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