The Five Best Things About Returning To Civilization

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Another really great entry over at the NG Adventure Blog today, with top adventurers listing their five favorite things about returning to civilization.

Amongst the “celebrity” adventurers who weigh in on this topic are long distance paddlers Julie and Colin Angus, big wall climber Mike Libecki, and super hiker Andrew Skurka. Some of the answers are quite predictable, like hot showers and an actual toilet, while others are a bit more surprising. Libecki apparently is always really happy to be with his daughter, and Skurka is ready to hit the bars. Most honest answer? Well, that would have to come from ice climber Will Gadd, who happily adds “sex” to his list. 🙂

So what do you miss most when you’re out in the backcountry or away to some exotic distant land? Honestly, I’d have to say one of the top things on my list is cold drinks. You don’t realize how much you take them for granted until you’ve had warm water for several days. Or better yet, visit a country where ice is not an option, and really, lets face it, in most countries it really isn’t. You’ll begin to see what a luxury it is to have a nice cold drink. Hot shower ranks up there for me as well and a wider variety of food. The luxuries in life are what makes coming home worth while, and reminds us how good we really have it.

Kraig Becker

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