Kayaking America’s National Parks

green river kayaking art
Canoe & Kayak Magazine has posted a great little story on some of the best destinations to go paddling in America’s national parks. They note there are dozens of great places to kayak in the park system, but they highlight a few of their favorite “gems” in this article.

Some of the suggestions are truly iconic places. For instance, they recommend Canyonlands National Park as an excellent place to visit, because the best way to explore the winding, labyrinth of canyons is from the seat of your kayak. Glacier Bay gets the nod for wildlife watching, which includes whales, bears, and seals, as well as the opportunity to glide in and out of icebergs. Acaida National Park is known for it’s diverse paddling conditions from challenging surf to serene backwaters. You’ll be able to explore tiny islands, while ringed with mountains, and end your day in a lovely sea side New England cabin.

Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to paddling in the various parks, but it’s an excellent place to get started, and they offer suggestions in a variety of regions. With Spring finally in the air, it’s time to get the boats out and hit the water, and if you hurry, you might just find that you have the waterways to yourself for a while yet.

Kraig Becker

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