National Park Adventures

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Outside Online has another cool article up today with a list of nine adventures in U.S. National Parks. The parks that are mentioned are amongst the most iconic, and each is highlighted with some great daytime adventures, followed with suggestions for great places to stay at night for those that would rather not pitch a tent.

For example, one of the parks listed is Acadia where they recommend that you hit the trail on a mountain bike where you can take in amazing ocean views while rolling along the 11-mile “Around Mountain” Loop. When you’re done peddling for the day, Peregrine Lodge and eat at a restaurant called Havana where you’ll be treated to fine dining and excellent wines.

Heading to the Grand Tetons or Yellowstone instead? Then be sure to check out the custom llama packing trips (I can’t make this stuff up folks!) that will have you hiking up Big Horn Peak. Later you can can stay in one of the recommended inns and dine on gourmet food that is unique to each area.

They also offer up suggestions for Canyonlands, Mesa Verde, Everglades and more. So before planning your Summer vacation, be sure to read the article over. It may suggest some great places to stay and eat while you enjoy your outdoor adventure in one of these stunning parks.

Kraig Becker

3 thoughts on “National Park Adventures”

  1. You can take stock (llamas, or packing animals) to many parks but the convenience here you can’t beat.

    Instead of Go Lite, it’s Go Heavy.
    Heck bring a generator. 🙂

  2. True, I’ve seen the mule trains in the Grand Canyon, just didn’t know that llamas had become popular as well.

    Plus, if I’m going to bring the generator, I might as well bring my Xbox and HDTV as well!! I like this “GoHeavy” idea. 🙂

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