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sahara desert sunrise
Outside Magazine is often a great source of new and suggestions for outdoor adventures of all kinds, but I especially like their suggestions on adventure travel, often coming up with some new ideas on places to do and things to do. Their annual guide to the best trips is usually very interesting and often adds new items to my Life List.

This year’s edition is no exception and their Best Trips of 2008 are now available online. This year you’ll find such suggestions as heading to the Basque region of France and Spain for an active getaway that includes plenty of cycling, along with great food and wine as well. Is surfing more your thing? Then checkout El Salvador for amazing beaches and killer waves. Or for something a little different, head to Algeria to go camel trekking. It’s a bit unfortunate that they chose this year to recommend Tibet though. Maybe after the Olympics.

Once you’re done scoping out the great new trips, check out this article which includes “52 ways to make you wander better”. The story if filled with some great tips for where to find the Best Beach Bar, what the Best Sleeping Bag (Osprey Slipstream 20″/40L) is, as well as the Best Airline. (Virgin!) There are a lot more tips and ideas as well, and who knows what you’ll find. For instance, I discovered Wegolo, a nice new addition to my bookmarks for finding cheap airfare. You can never have enough of those sites.

Great stuff for the seasoned or beginner traveler alike. Both articles are definitely worth a read.

Kraig Becker

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  1. Thanks DSD! I try to keep up myself, but there seems to be a lot going on these days. Just hope you’re enjoying it all.

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