A Piece of Everest History Goes Online

Photographs taken by Bentley Beetham of the now infamous 1924 Mallory Expedition to Everest have been posted online, giving us an interesting glimpse into the past of mountaineering and early expeditions to the Himalaya.

Beetham was a naturalist and school teacher with a knack for rock climbing. He befriended Howard Somervell and the two soon became climbing partners. Word of Beetham’s skill and enthusiasm spread through British climbing circles, and he was eventually asked to join the 1924 expedition. He would take a number of photos of his adventure, and those photos make up this new online gallery.

You can find out more about Beetham as BentleyBeetham.org , where you can also take a look at his amazing photos. A special gallery has been set up for the 1924 Everest Expedition, but many of his other photos are just as interesting.

Thanks to the Outside Blog for this one.

Kraig Becker

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