Primal Quest Remind Us Why It’s “The Super Bowl” of Adventure Racing

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A new post on the Primal Quest website today reminds us why PQ is still the biggest, baddest race around and gives us a glimpse of things to come.

With just 75 days until the start of PQ Montana, the Primal Quest team is in full gear making preparations for the event. That team includes some big names, like climbers Jay Smith and Conrad Anker who have designed an amazing ropes course, which at 6+ miles in length, is already being called the “longest ropes section ever created anywhere in the world”. Not to be outdone by the ropes section, Josh Galt has designed a water course that will challenge the racers in their boats or on their river boards as they face Class II-IV whitewater. And the amazing team of doctors over at AdventureMed are standing by to help ease those blistered feet and tackle bigger issues should the need arise.

The article also breaks down the prize money for this year’s event, which will include more than $175,000 in cash. Top teams will get a slice of that pie and either free or reduced entry fees into next year’s event. Everyone who completes the grueling 500 mile, 10 Day event will receive award, and of course the coveted swag bag from the more than 40 PQ partners.

It has also been announced that in the days leading up to the event, we’ll see a brand new Primal Quest website with more interactive elements that will allow the PQ media team to upload more photos, video, and updates from the field even as the event is being run. We can also look forward to a new interactive leaderboard that will integrate live tracking, allowing us to follow our favorite teams out on the course at any given time. All the changes are designed to bring the Primal Quest experience more fully home to fans following along online.

It appears there are some big things afoot leading up to the race in Montana, which begins on June 21st. Stay tuned for more.

Kraig Becker

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