Reinhold Messner Video Interview

Reinhold Messner is perhaps the great mountaineer to ever live. His resume is practically unmatched. He was the first man to climb Everest without oxygen, the first to top out on all 8000m peaks, and he’s put up new routes on some of the most challenging peaks all over the world. If that wasn’t enough, he’s also crossed the Antarctic, and more than 2000 miles of the Gobi Desert.

In their Friday Matinee today, Outdoors Magic has posted a nice interview with Messner, who talks about his approach to climbing, young climbers that he respects, and more. Definitely a cool video of a true living legend.

Check it out here:

Kraig Becker

4 thoughts on “Reinhold Messner Video Interview”

  1. Cool Video. You have to love YouTube! Reinhold Messner is definately top of the class. Thanks for bringing us this video.

  2. YouTube is perfect for stuff just like this. It’s really changed video on the web.

    And you’re right, Reinhold rules! 🙂

  3. What a treat, thanks! He’s such a charismatic guy – maybe it comes from knowing where if not when he’s going to “end.”Or maybe more to do with his generous acceptance of the next generation and not taking mountains for granted.


  4. Yep! Messner is definitely one of a kind. He’s an amazing guy and it’s hard to not admire him. Not only does he have the true spirit of adventure, but his entire approach to life is very cool.

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