The Rest of Everest: Bonus Podcast – Ben Aims For Annapurna

I’m not really sure how I missed this one over the weekend, but a Bonus Episode of The Rest of Everest was released over the weekend in which Jon Miller talks with Ben Clark, Josh Butson and Tim Clarke who were preparing to leave for Kathmandu that very day on their next adventure.

Ben, who is well known to fans of the Rest of Everst, and his climbing partners are hoping to climb Annapurna IV and then complete the first ski descent of that mountain. They’ll be chronicling their expedition at, where the first dispatch has been posted today announcing the team’s arrival in Kathmandu.

After climbing this very challenging 24,688 foot peak, the team hopes to step into their skis and face 9000′ of vertical descent, screaming down the side of the mountain. They give more details of their plans in the podcast and discuss their experience in the mountains and much more.

Sounds like a great expedition, and I can’t wait to follow it on the website and through future updates from The Rest of Everest as well. The team promises regular updates with video and photos, so perhaps soon we’ll know what it’s like first hand to drop 9000 feet down the side of a Himalayan peak.

Kraig Becker

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