The Rest of Everest: Episode 78

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Episode 78 of The Rest of Everest is now available to download from the ROE episode page or directly through iTunes.

If you are a regular viewer of the Rest of Everest, and have been enjoying the recent episodes of Jon and Scott’s adventures in Tibet, you probably know who their guide Lobsang is. At the beginning of this episode, ROE producer Jon Miller updates us a bit on his friend, who is a victim of the recent unrest in Tibet. Lobsang makes his living as a guide and with the country currently cut off from the rest of the world, and with no visas being issued, he is currently out of work. On top of that, the streets of Lhasa aren’t safe for Tibetan men at the moment, who are under a de facto house arrest. Because of this, Jon has asked us, the loyal viewers of the show, to donate a few dollars to help Lobsang and his family out. He’s not asking for much, just a one or two dollars to help him get by until China opens the borders once more. We’ve all heard about the economic impact of the Chinese crackdown on the local economy. This is our chance to directly help someone there. To donate, simply go to this page and click on the “Donate” button.

In this episode, entitled Gyangtse, we’re treated to some amazing shots of the “Kumbum”, which is the largest stupa or chorten in Tibet. A stupa is a large, usually domed structure, that is built as a Buddhist shrine. In this case, the Kumbum, is quite ornate, and colorful and a feast for the eyes. Regular viewers probalby know that that Jon wasn’t always able to film inside these shrines, but this time, we’re in luck, and we get to share it with he and Scott.

Also, when watching this episode, take a look at the landscapes in the outside shots. You can clearly see that the Tibetan Plateau is beginning to give way to the Himalayan mountain chain. The mountains are looming closer, and that can mean only one things. We’re getting closer to Everest as well, which is certainly a highlight to look forward to it.

Kraig Becker

3 thoughts on “The Rest of Everest: Episode 78”

  1. Thanks for the great write-up Kraig.

    I appreciate you sharing my donation efforts with your readers. In about 12 hours since I released this week’s episode we’ve already generated about $100 in funds.

    Amazing. Lobsang is going to be blown away! He’s really been wondering if any other countries support the Tibetan people’s plight. This is solid evidence that we care.

    Oh, and we really will get to Everest in the podcast…just a few more weeks…


  2. Glad I could help Jon. You know how I feel about the plight of the Tibetan people.

    I’m going to go put my money where my mouth is at this very moment and click on that donation button myself.

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