Return To The Outdoors!

Remember those recent reports that American’s were heading outdoors more and more infrequently? There were even suggestions that we were afraid of the outdoors. Well, Timex Expedition Watches is teaming up with The Conservation Alliance to encourage us all to re-discover our love for outside activities.

They’ve launched a new website called Return To The Outdoors and have posted videos of two of our favorite people talking about their love for adventure and being outside. The first of these videos, posted below, is with Conrad Anker, who talks about his early experiences with the Grand Teton and High Sierra Mountains, and how that influenced him later in life and continues to fuel is love for the outdoors today.

The second video, found here, is with climber Steph Davis, who talks about her early days of living in Utah, out of her car no less, and the impact of the Moab area on her love for rock climbing and other areas of her life as well. The video ends with Steph making an amazing BASE jump as well.

The plan is to release new videos on a regular basis, the next one features Yvon Chouinard, founder of gear company Patagonia. But the overall mission is to encourage people to “Return To The Outdoors”, and share our own experiences with others. To that end, they’ve launched a contest in which we can write or submit videos of our own, to share our own personal experiences in the outdoors. Prizes will include Timex watches of course, but also gear from North Face, Camelbak, and Ahnu Footwear. They’ll give away gear every two weeks through August, with the grand prize being a trip for two on an outdoor adventure.

So, get your word processors and video cameras warmed up, tell your story, and who knows, you may take home some sweet swag, and best of all you’ll get to share what you love about the outdoors with others, and maybe we can encourage a few people to return to the outdoors.

Kraig Becker

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