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Gary Haus is known as the Walkingman and for good reason. He’s spent the better part of the past 12 years walking around the world in stages. Gary spends winters in Florida, where he works as a waiter in a restaurant, before he heads out on his next adventure and continues walking around the globe in stages.

To date Gary has covered some 17,220 miles crossing the United States, Europe, the U.K., Mexico, Central and South America and New Zealand. On May 15th of this year he’ll depart for Australia where he’ll begin his next leg of the journey. The crazy thing is, he’s not even half-way done yet, as he says he has another 20,000 miles or so to go before beating the World Record held by Arthur Blessit, which currently stands at 37,000 miles. Besides Australia, Asia and Africa still await his restless feet.

Gary’s website is a good source of information to keep up with his travels. Not only does he blog when he can, but he also has a break down of each stage of the expedition by year, he also lists all of his gear and equipment, which he pushes in a three wheeled cart. His online gallery also has some really great photos as well.

The website keeps a running total of his cumulative miles to date, but it also lists more than 26,000 miles on bike as well. Obviously Gary got bored with the bike after that first 25,000 miles and decided to abandon it for a slower paced way of travel. Perhaps he, like many travelers, felt like everything was just rushing by him, so he had to slow down and take it all in at his own pace. Or maybe the piece of crap bike broke down somewhere in the middle of the Gobi Desert so elected to just leave it behind and continue on foot. That’ll teach him to buy a Huffy.

Thanks to Tom over at Two-Heel Drive for this one.

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5 thoughts on “Stage Walking Around The World”

  1. That’s pretty awesome. I love these long-term adventures. So raw and true in spirit.

    Hey Adventure Blog – are you going to MountainFilm in Telluride?

  2. Hey Mark!

    I’m with you, I really dig these log distance, long-term adventures as well. Partly because I’m a little jealous that I can’t head out on one of them!

    While I’d love to go to MountainFilm, not sure if I’m going to make it. Are you going? I may have to save some of my extra time for a certain, rather large adventure race, coming up in Montana in June. 😉

  3. I go to MountainFilm every year! 🙂 Used to live in Telluride and have been a projectionist for the fest for going on 6 years. Hope you can make it!

    Montana – yeah, that should be fun. I’ve been to one of those ‘rather large’ adventure races when it was held in Lake Tahoe. Goodtimes.

  4. MountainFilm would be a blast. I have to imagine it’s a great time with some really cool events and people to hang out with. I keep getting invited to blogger events at these various festivals too, so I need to put in an appearance so they’ll keep inviting me! 😉

    Yeah, Montana should be a lot of fun. Looking forward to it, although I’ll be there in a work capacity, not as a competitor. Should still be a cool event though.

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