Bono and Beckaham To Climb Kili?


U.K. tabloid The Sun is reporting that David Beckam and U2 frontman Bono are planning to climb Kilimanjaro. According to the story, Bono is hoping to raise money for UNICEF with his climb and decided to invite is pal “Becks” along for the trip.

Bono is well known for his charity work, especially in Africa, and Beckaham has been increasing his focus on charity as well. The two men, both amongst the most famous in the world, would be making a six day trek up the mountain, although no date has been set as of yet. The Sun reports that they could possibly be joined by goal keeper Robert Green who plays for West Ham United. No word on whether or not Posh Spice will join them as well.

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Kraig Becker

3 thoughts on “Bono and Beckaham To Climb Kili?”

  1. Would be even better if the entire U2 band would be there and bring an acoustic set and do a 1 h concert.
    Free for everyone topping !

  2. That would be cool. It would be the highest concert ever! But the other members of U2 don’t share the same devotion to charity that Bono does. They probably think he’s nuts! 😉

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