Brian Oestrike Summits Lhotse

For the past few months I’ve bee posting regularly on Brian Oestrike and his attempt to summit Lhotse. Today we have word that Brian has successfully topped out and is already back down to one of the low camps.

Brian has been climbing for Hypoxico Systems, one of his sponsors, and has been testing out one of their new high altitude training systems. He had hoped to summit without oxygen, but on his first attempt up the mountain, Brian turned back about 250 meters below the summit. He then returned to C3, where he spent a few days resting and recovering his strength, before electing to give it another go, this time using supplemental oxygen. It proved to be a good choice, as his summit to today would indicate.

With the climb over, Brian will go down the mountain and intends to be back in Namche by tomorrow. Congratulations to Brian and his support team for a job well done on Lhotse.

Kraig Becker

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