Ecuadorian Whitewater!

kayaking ecuador art the official website for Canoe & KayaK magazine has recently launched their Staff Blogs page where they promise to bring regular updates from the field as the scour the globe looking for the best paddling experiences anywhere. (Hey! Someone has to do it! Excuse me while I go apply for a job at Canoe & Kayak!)

One of their first posts is about the incredible whitewater that can be found in Ecuador. The country gets nearly 500 inches of rain a year, which makes for plenty of water, and most of it moving fast. The article is written by Kate Stepan who spent a week exploring the paddling scene as part of a Small World Adventures trip that had a schedule that went like this: “eat, paddle, down a few 22-ounce Pilsners, sleep, repeat.”

The article give some excellent details about Ecuador and it’s burgeoning kayak scene. The country has become one of the hidden gems for international paddlers over the past decade and it’s amazing array of rivers have something to offer everyone, no matter what their skill levels. In this case, Kate and her companions were in search of Class IV Whitewater, and it seems like they found it. The title of the article says it all: “6 Days, 6 Runs, One Good Time”.

After reading this article all I can say is “Great! Another place to add to my ‘must visit’ list.” Now I want to go paddling in Ecuador too. Sounds like a great time with plenty of opportunity for adventure.

Kraig Becker

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