Everest 2008: 75 and 76 Year Olds Summit!

Regular reader Carl send me a link to this story from CNN that has details on Min Bahadur Sherchan, the 76 year old Sherpa who reached the summit of Everest yesterday, setting a new record in the process for the oldest person to ever do so. He is said to be in good health and had already descended when the article was published. Also of note, is that Sherchan was one of about a dozen summitteers yesterday following a very busy week on Everest.

MountEverest.net is also reporting on the 76 year old’s summit, and also mentions that Yuichiro Miura, a Japanese climber, also reached the summit. Miura is 75 years and now claims the title as the oldest non-Sherpa to reach the top of the world. The photo attached to this article shows both men. Muira is on the right and Shercahn the left.

At this point, most of the climbers who have wanted to go up have gone up. There are a few teams still waiting for their opportunity, but now that the crowds have subsided, I expect we’ll only see a few more summit reports, and the Everest 2008 season will be complete.

Kraig Becker

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