Everest 2008: Sir Ran Turns Back

Just a quick update this morning from the Everest Challenge Team. They were making their summit bid earlier, but passed on word that Sir Ranulph Fiennes turned back due to exhaustion. No word as to which point on the mountain he turned back at, but the 64 year old British legend had climbed to Camp 4 where yesterday the reports said he was strong and feeling good. But, as many climbers before him have come to know, the upper portions of the mountain are where the true measure of exhaustion and lack of oxygen can come back to haunt you.

Sir Ran was climbing to raise funds and awareness for the Marie Curie Cancer Care Organization, a group that he has worked closely with for some time. I’m sure at this point he is feeling a bit disappointed, as this was his second attempt on the mountain, but his efforts were remarkable and showed once again his grit and determination in what ever adventure he undertakes.

I’m sure we’ll hear more on the story over the next day or two. The latest reports have him back at the South Col, resting and in good health. He’ll probably be back in Base Camp tomorrow where we’ll probably hear from him directly.

Kraig Becker

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