Jake Norton and Conrad Anker Take Us Up Everest!

I’ve posted links to Jake Norton’s MountainWorld Blog on numerous occasions, as Jake, who is a mountain guide and has been on Everest a number of times, always posts thoughtful and well written blog posts on many of the topics I like to cover. He’s also an excellent photographer, and I appreciate his ability to capture magnificent shots from some amazing locations. It seems Jake has gone and outdone himself again, as he has posted a great video on his site that takes us up the North Side of Everest, using his amazing photos. As if that wasn’t enough, the narrator for our little virtual journey is none other than Conrad Anker.

Apparently the video was put together in conjunction with NPR and their show The World which is amongst my favorite programs. They were doing a piece on Everest, no doubt for coverage of the Olympic Torch, and asked Conrad to lend his voice, and Conrad suggested they use images from Jake.

The results can be seen and heard here, and speak for themselves. Really amazing stuff.

Kraig Becker

6 thoughts on “Jake Norton and Conrad Anker Take Us Up Everest!”

  1. Hey Kraig,

    Thanks as always for the link, and glad you liked the show! As for the photos…well, fortunately for me, I go to places where it’s hard to take a bad photo – it’s all too beautiful!

    Anyway, thanks again, and thanks for the awesome blog…you do a great job!!

    All my best,


  2. Wow, what an incredible slide/audio show. I really felt like I could be right there with them. Any highly ambitious notions I had about climbing the North Side vanished when I saw the photo of the climber on the Second Step.


  3. Yep! It’s a really well done slide show. Great stuff.

    And remember, Conrad, who I’m going to get to meet in June, free climbed the Second Step last year. Very impressive.

  4. Jake has had amazing experiences up at altitude…
    I am glad he shares them so well with us…
    This is very well done; very unique…

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