Outside‘s Best Jobs of 2008

Outside Online has posted their 2008 list of Best Jobs in the outdoor/adventure industry. The categorize them as “Ten ascendant careers to free you from the cubicle”.

Making this year’s list are a couple of the usual suspects, like “Action-Sports Agent” and “Gear Designer”. But there are a few interesting additions such as “Landscape Architect” and “Race Director”. My favorite job on the list? Why “Itinerant Blogger” of course. I’m still figuring out how to make a living doing that one! 😉

Telling us what the top jobs are wasn’t enough however, as we can all dream from afar. They also went out and asked several people how they got those dream jobs. They talk to an Underwater Archeologist, a Bike Builder, and more. Each of them share their story on who they got started in their respective businesses, and advice for us poor slobs suffering in the salt mines. My favorite of these dream jobs? That’s easy too! Adventure Consultant! Sign me up for that gig as well!

Finally we get Outside‘s Ultimate Dram Job. The one that towers above all others. It’s Adventure Filmmaker and probably doesn’t need much more of an explanation than that. 🙂

Kraig Becker

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