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With just over 40 days to go until the Primal Quest Montana there have been a few new developments to report on.

In an effort to remain transparent and upfront on my coverage of the event, I’d first like to announce that I am now officially a part of the Primal Quest team. About a month ago PQ CEO Don Mann (read my interview with him here) asked me to take on the roll of Media Director for the race. I accepted the offer, and have been working in that capacity with Don and the rest of the Primal Quest team since then. So far it’s been a great experience, and I’m looking forward to heading to Montana in a few weeks to meet everyone in person.

With that out of the way, lets move on to other news related to the race. Earlier this week, it was announced that satellite messenger service SPOT has come on board as a presenting sponsor for the race. SPOT manufactures the SPOT Messenger, a very cool device that works not only as an emergency locator beacon, but it also allows friends and family to track your location and progress while out on an adventure. The Messenger works anywhere in the world, and interfaces with Google Maps, so your friends and family can see where you are at at any time.

During the race, each team will be carrying one of the SPOT Messenger devices and we fans will be able to watch their progress online. The Primal Quest website will have a new interactive leaderboard and tracking system, thanks to SPOT, that will make it easier to follow the race than it has ever been before. I’m excited to see how it all comes together during the race, and how it enhances the over all coverage of the event.

Finally, this Saturday, May 10th, at Pocahontas State Park in Virginia, the very first Primal Quest Sprint Series race will take place. These shorter, faster events are designed so that regular athletes like you and me can take part in a Primal Quest event without having to take a week off work to do so. Earlier this week we posted the newsletter for this race, which includes information on what type of gear is required, what the rules for the event are, and what disciplines the teams will be taking part in. There are more than 30 teams signed up to compete this weekend, and I look forward to hearing about the race.

Later in the year there will be two more Primal Quest Sprint Series races. On Sept. 6th the second race will be held at the Moraine State Park in Pennsylvania, and on Oct. 4th a third race will take place at the U.S. Whitewater Center near Charlotte, North Carolina. In 2009, the series expands further with 10-12 races planned, a full point system being employed, and the overall winner receiving an entry into the Primal Quest expedition race.

So, stay tuned. The Primal Quest coverage is just starting to ramp up here. I hope to be able to give more insight into the event while covering it first hand. I’ll keep you posted on developments with both the Sprint Series and the Expedition Race, which is likely to go International next year. And no, I can’t tell you where it’s probably heading. Not yet anyway! 😉

Kraig Becker

6 thoughts on “Primal Quest News”

  1. Renee: Thanks for the well wishes. Much appreciated. And I hope everything is good with you as well.

    Robin: I’ll be watching out for the Hunk Dorys. It should be a great race and I can’t wait to experience it.

  2. My congratulations also Kraig!
    Your writing and reporting are always top quality. You have developed a true following and this just adds to that…

  3. Thanks DSD! I always appreciate your kind words. This year my coverage will mostly be on the PQ site itself, but once I get back from Montana I hope to write some insights and behind the scenes thoughts here as well. It should be quite an exciting event.

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