Primitive Tribe Remains “Uncontacted”

Here’s a very interesting story from CNN that’s been making the rounds today. It seems that even in the 21st Century not every corner of the globe has been reached.

In a very remote region of the Amazon rainforest in Brazil, researches have spotted a tribe of jungle dwellers who they claim have not had outside contact from modern man. They continue to live, much the way they have for centuries, using spears to hunt, sleeping in simple huts, and living off the land.

Their way of life is increasingly threatened however thanks to continued logging in the region, and the shrinking Amazon.

The image attached to this post shows the tribe. Apparently when they were first spotted earlier in the day, the natives were not painted brightly, but when the plane returned later to take pictures, they had painted their skin in the bright colors you see there, which is a common tactic for Amazonian tribes when they feel threatened. Seeing a low flying, small plane pass over their village likely sent caused a bit of dismay amongst this primitive tribe.

I think stories like this one are still astounding in this day and age, but the CNN article notes that there are roughly 100 tribes that remained “uncontacted” around the globe. I never would have guessed that the number is that high. In this case, the Brazilian government is working hard to protect these people, as the introduction of a strange disease or other outside influence could have a devastating effect on the tribe.

While I’m completely against anyone going in and spoiling the party for these folks, I’d love to be part of a group that could observe them from a far. This is one of the most fascinating stories I’ve seen for some time, and it really gets the mind to thinking about all the remote areas on the planet we haven’t visited yet, and what possibly could be in those places.

Kraig Becker

4 thoughts on “Primitive Tribe Remains “Uncontacted””

  1. Amazing stuff huh? It’s kind of reassuring to know that there are still places like this where modern man hasn’t invaded yet.

  2. Isn’t this absolutely amazing!
    And yet it is our very excitement and interest that will either protect or exploit them…

  3. You hit the nail on the head DSD. We’re fascinated by this story and these people, but we have to keep that in check to allow them to continue their lives.

    Star Trek’s Prime Directive would be a good guide right about now. 😉

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