Reminder: Storm Over Everest Premieres Tomorrow Night

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I first mentioned this a few weeks back but I wanted to remind everyone that David Breashears’ Storm Over Everest appears tomorrow night as part of the long running Frontline series on PBS. The show is set to air from 9PM to 11PM EDT, so check your local listing to be sure it’s airing in your area.

The film marks Breashears’ return to Everest to recount the events that occurred there in 1996, the year that saw eight people die on the mountain, including experienced guides Rob Hall and Scott Fisher. Breashears was on the mountain that year to film an IMAX movie, but he ended up aiding in the rescue efforts as well. Now, he’ll be sharing his stories and those of some of the other survivors in what promises to be one interesting and intense two hour program.

Set your DVR’s, set your VCR’s (Do people still use them?), or set your butt on the couch to catch this one. Should be good stuff. A sneak peek can be found below. It’s the same as the one I posted last time, but if you haven’t seen it yet, it’ll definitely give you an idea of what to expect.

Kraig Becker

3 thoughts on “Reminder: <i>Storm Over Everest</i> Premieres Tomorrow Night”

  1. ed viesturs’s recount of the events on everest in ’96 make it sound like they were plane old stupid for trying to summit that late. i wonder how the frontline/pbs story will handle their (what seemed like) an obviously bad decision.

  2. Yeah, in Ed’s book he talks about that somewhat and his roll in helping with rescue efforts. They were summitting far too late in the day, that is for sure.

    The show should be really interesting in it’s approach to how reckless they were. It’s been long enough since the events that they may be a bit more critical than in the past.

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