Top 10 Extreme Vacations

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Shermans Travel has whipped up a list of the Top 10 Extreme Vacations and posted them on for us all to read. What makes “Shermans Travel” an authority on “extreme vacations” you might ask? Good question, and I’m not really sure either. They are a travel deal site, but not sure that constitutes them being an authority.

Well, lets take a look at the list and see how they did. A quick glance at the list tells you that they went fairly broad in the definition of an extreme vacation, but they do have some great suggestions. For instance, coming in at Number 10 on the list is a “Titanic Dive”, which does indeed sound rather cool. Who wouldn’t want to explorer the legendary “unsinkable” ship up close and personal. So far so good, the list is off to a great start.

Next up at number 9 is a “stunt vacation” for those who fancy a job as a stuntman in Hollywood. Hmm… that one doesn’t appeal to me so much, but I guess I can see where it would others. The next three items are all good, as Spelunking, Space Travel, and Shark Diving make the list at 8, 7, and 6 respectively. Space travel in particular is pretty extreme considering it’s really not readily available for tourists yet. But if it’s clocking in at number 7, the top five slots must be really EXTREME!!!!

Checking out the top five we get started with Sandboarding, which is kind of cool. Like snowboarding, but without the cold weather and, well, the snow. Number 4 “Mountain Climbing”, with Everest being their example. Okay, I’ll grant them this one is pretty extreme. Heli-skiing takes the number 3 spot, and number 2 goes to a Gorilla Safari in Rwanda. Both very cool and adventurous. I can live with both of those. So far the list isn’t bad.

But, they kind of ruin it with their final choice. Topping the list, coming it at number 1 on the most “Extreme Vacations” is… *drum roll*… Drag racing. *crickets chirping*. Ok. They kind of lost me there. Drag racing? Seriously? To each their own I suppose. I might not have even minded if this were on the list but lower. But how is this a more extreme vacation than say Everest or going into space? Definitely odd.

Thanks to Sierra Blogging Post for alerting me to this EXTREME list!

Kraig Becker

4 thoughts on “Top 10 Extreme Vacations”

  1. I couldn’t agree more. Yes, to each their own, but in this case I suppose we (you and I among others) share an idea concerning ‘extreme vacation’. I assume that you believe as I do that there should be a certain level of physical activity (climbing, swimming with sharks) and risk involved. Yes I know there are risks with drag racing but it just doesn’t seem to be all that fun, seems to me like an anti-climatic waste of money of a trip.

    Great site by the way.

  2. Yep, totally agree. I like a little physical activity in my “extreme vacation”. I understand that there are a lot of fans of racing, in it’s various forms, and as I said, I can appreciate it being on the list. But #1 just seems wrong to me.

    Oh well, I’ll probably get hate e-mail from all the drag racing fans out there telling me how “extreme” the sport is, and dangerous, etc. etc. 😉

    Thanks for the compliment on the site. Glad you like it!

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