Top 7: Adventure Mistakes

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Here’s a great little list from Adventure Journey. It’s the latest in their series of “Top 7” lists, and this one is the Top 7 Adventure Mistakes.

We’ve all been there. Off on some far flung adventure when we over, or under, estimate something, or we’re not paying attention to directions, or horribly distracted by the wonderful scenery forcing us to make some silly mistake that we wish we hadn’t. For example, number 6 on the list is “Getting Ripped Off”. Who hasn’t been over charged for something they purchased while abroad or taken to the cleaners by a taxi driver who threatens to never return you to civilization if you don’t pay his exorbitant fees.

Other items on the list include not learning a few phrases of the native language of the place your visiting, not reading a bit of history on the location, and not getting out of the cities and seeing there real countryside. Quite honestly though, these never been issues for me, as they are always included in my travel planning.

Quite frankly the items on this list are not really ones that a seasoned traveler, especially an adventure traveler, would make. They’re more like common mistakes for beginners. Still, they are a good list to remind us all of things to keep in mind before we head out somewhere. After all, you wouldn’t want to take off on that dream vacation and have something go horribly wrong because you forgot to learn how to order beer in the native language. That one is very important, no matter where you are going.

Kraig Becker

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