Travel Nightmares!

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Do you have a particularly bad travel story? Dare I say a nightmare? The Times Online is asking for us to share our holiday nightmares to that we can find solace in our misery.

To get the stories flowing, they’ve posted four tales of travel woe that will either leave you saying: “Oh yeah?!? I can top that…” or “Wow! That sucks! Glad it wasn’t me!”. Each of the four stories have a few things in common. For instance, they all take place in amazing, exotic and distant locals that I”m sure we’d all love to visit. They also involve a story of some misfortune that is only more exasperated by the fact that you’re in some amazing, exotic and distant local.

The stories start off with a tale of star crossed lovers who must part ways, but not before spending one last night together on an remote and beautiful beach. The trouble? Well the manage to snap the key for the car off in the door, leaving them stranded on that remote and beautiful beach. From there we get a story of gastric distress made all the worse by a lovely ferry ride to Zanzibar. Next up comes the crazy story of a bus crash in Nepal, in which everyone walked away alive, if a bit beaten up, including a goat scheduled for sacrifice but granted a stay of execution thanks to the good will of the gods. And finally we have a tale about getting mugged in France, and finding your way home, despite being without money or shoes.

All in all, some great travel stories, and if you’ve traveled extensively, I’m sure you have similar tales to tell and can sympathize with these. My worst story is contracting the “Curse of the Pharaohs”, for the second time in a little over a week no less, while in Cairo, and facing a 12 hour plane flight home. Good times! 😉

Have your own Holiday Nightmares to share? Then click here and post your story.

Kraig Becker

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