Apa Sherpa Makes Headlines

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Apa Sherpa, who recently reached the top of Everest for a record 18th time, has been receiving some great publicity of late at least from the Salt Lake Tribune.

First the published this story on the legendary climber, in which he is quoted as saying that reaching the top of Everest is the easy part. Getting down is where it gets tricky. The article was published just a few days after his record 18th trip to the summit, and Apa, speaking to the paper via phone from Kathmandu talks about his latest climb, including logistics, timing, and weather. He says it was a bit cold at the summit this time out at -40 degrees Fahrenheit.

The second article was published after his return to the U.S., which he now calls home. This story talks about why he came to the States (better education for his children), what it’s been like for him adjusting to living in Utah, and how he makes ends meet in the outdoor industry.

I was tipped off to the second article by Jason over at The Adventurist, and it sparked a bit of a conversation between several of us over there about the few opportunities for mountaineers of Apa’s skill level to make a living climbing. From there we waxed philosophic on fame in the climbing game, over commercialization on Everest, more. Yeah, our conversations tend to wander. 🙂 Have some thoughts on the subject? Come join the chat!

Kraig Becker

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  1. Alas Jason is no better than the Chinese when it comes to free speech…he launches personal attacks and bans those who dissent from his myopic viewpoint.

  2. Yowch! Didn’t realize there was any issues with the discussion. No worries here though. As long as it’s not spam or blatantly racist and offensive, I welcome dissenting comments. Nothing like a good discussion to get the mind working.

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