Gear Junkie Reviews Jetboil Helios

Proving once again that he gets all the good toys, the Gear Junkie has posted a review of the Jetboil Helios as part of his Daily Dose.

The Helios is Jetboil’s follow-up to their wildly successful and favorably reviewed Personal Cooking System. It’s been several years since the PCS was introduced, and a number of Jetboil’s competitors have since released serious challengers to it’s crown, but it appears that they have answered back with an excellent cooking system.

The Gear Junkie notes that performance was better than expected, as he was able to bring water to a boil in just 2 1/2 minutes, well under the 3 minutes promised by the company. He also notes that it was quick to heat up stew and pasta as well, and adjusting the flame for efficiency vs, speed was as simple as turning a knob.

The unit is a bit on the expensive side, clocking in at $150, and it weighs in at just over 2 pounds when you include the fuel cartridge. But everything stores inside the cooking pot, and the unit packs down to a relatively small footprint. GJ points out that there are cheaper, more minimalist systems available, but they aren’t nearly as efficient or fast, two important things depending on your needs.

It looks like Jetboil has another winner on their hands. Now if they’d just remember to put me on the gear testing list.

Kraig Becker

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