Going Primal!!

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I’m off to Primal Quest. The race gets underway first thing Monday morning and I’ll be posting updates of the race at the PQ website. You’ll also find excellent coverage oft he event at Checkpoint Zero and SleepMonsters.

Regular postings should resume on or around July 4th with some post race thoughts, and the usual array of adventures from around the globe. Back soon!

Kraig Becker

9 thoughts on “Going Primal!!”

  1. Hi Chris,

    Yes, I received the e-mail, but at the moment I’m focused in about 18-20 hours a day on Primal Quest duties, which is why the blog hasn’t been updated in the past week and a half.

    I’ll return to blogging when I get back later in the week.

  2. I and several other people have offered Kellogg $2500 to do a fully timed speed climb on Mt. Rainier.

    I’m at chriswilian@pacificwest.com

    Since late 2003, Kellogg, each year, has been offered large amounts of money to do this. He doesn’t reply to any challenge.

    He was offered $1000 in late 2003, and in 2004 he went ahead and did another Rainier speed climb, ignored the offer, and his climb was fully un-timed. Yet, he took a self-taken start video clip, and self-taken finish video clip, both at the Paradise parking lot at 5400′ elevation, and he put this on his site trying to lead people to believe his TIME was “verified”; he also had some sign his name in the summit register and posted a copy of this on his site, again trying to lead people to believe his TIME was verified. http://www.chadkellogg.com/rainier.html

    I have video (please email me for it) taken by the other parties listed next to his name, and it shows Carrie Luelling signing his name into the book after Kellogg yelled to them to do this for him as he passed by; also the video shows a slow pace by Kellogg as he moves up, nothing close to his claimed 3:33min summit split time pace.

    Speed climbing season on Rainier is typically from August through late September.

    This offer was provided to Kellogg over a month ago.

  3. Kraig, could you do an article on this announcing our offer, and if you’re interested could you please contact me and anyone else for an interview?

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