Motorcycling The Andes – Part 2

The Guardian has published Part 2 of their 3 part series on motorcycling across the Andes from Chile to Argentina.

Yesterday, in part 1, author Mike Carter rode with a group of travelers on an organized adventure from Globe Busters to the Atacama Desert. He talked about how serene and desolate the area was, and was overcome by the silence.

Today, Mike’s ride continues into the High Andes themselves, but first he and his companions hit the great salt flats of the Valley of the Moon, which offered more expansive spaces to for the riders to fly along at high speeds, before taking a break to wash away the dust with cold South American beer, while downing tamales and llama steaks.

After that, it’s back on the road with more sights to see. The entire adventure plays out like a group of modern day easy riders exploring the countryside from the back of the bikes. The story makes it feel like it’s the perfect way to see South America, and may encourage you to run out and buy a bike of your own.

Excellent travel story so far. Can’t wait for part 3 tomorrow. Now if I only knew how to ride a motorcycle…

Kraig Becker