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Yesterday I got the opportunity to checkout, an excellent online magazine dedicated to Jeep enthusiasts, but also offers some really great content focused on outdoor adventures in general.

The first thing that stuck me when browsing the Spring 2008 edition of the magazine was how sophisticated the interface was. It’s like having a virtual copy of a print mag right on your screen, and I soon found myself flipping through the pages almost as effortlessly as I would with an actual physical copy. The tool bar at the top of the page allows you to jump to any page, advance one page at a time, and more. You can zoom in for a higher res version of the images and text, and it’s easy to print out or e-mail to a friend.

Inside I found a lot of great content to go along with the nice technical glitz. Obviously the focus is on enjoying the outdoors with your Jeep, with some cool articles in this issue on such things as taking a Jeep Rubicon to the Arctic Circle in Finland and an amazing article on the first overland trip by Jeep from Singapore to England that has recently been chronicled in a book. There is also a test drive of the 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee as well, and a nice tribute to Sir Edmund Hillary too. A little bit of adventure for everyone, whether you own and drive a Jeep or not.

Aside from the magazine, is building an online community with forums, JPFreeks gear, and Freek Web with even more news and content for readers. I’m also told that there are big things planned for the future as well, with the 2008 summer issue releasing soon, and some big things in the works for 2009. Definitely drop by and give it a look. It’s a perfect example of how an online “magazine” should work, and there is content for just about anyone who has a love for adventure and the outdoors.

Kraig Becker

5 thoughts on “Online Magazine For Jeep and Outdoor Enthusiasts”

  1. Wow! Thanks a ton for the compliments and thread, Kraig. Much appreciated. The year-end Gear Guide (December 2007 issue) is an issue I’m sure almost all fellow bloggers here at The Adventure Blog would find helpful.

    Thanks again for the support, and happy adventures!

  2. No problem. Glad you liked the post. Keep up the great work. The online mag is slick, informative, and fun to read.

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