PQ Update: Another Thought On Using GPS

Mike Bitton has updated his Primal Quest Blog over at Checkpoint Zero with some thoughts on the announcement that GPS devices would be allowed at this year’s Primal Quest race which gets underway next week.

The use of GPS is traditionally not allowed in the sport of adventure racing, as navigation is one of the key elements of the competition. Often times good navigation is what sets the teams apart, and learning how to use a map and compass are as essential to your skill set as paddling or mountain biking.

Yesterday, Primal Quest management made the decision to allow the GPS devices due to the unusual amount of snow at altitude and the fact that even now, in late June, the snow continues to fall. Mike spoke with PQ CEO Don Mann on the subject and Don gives some very compelling reasons as to why this decision was made. Bottom line, it’s a safety issue first and foremost.

Kraig Becker

5 thoughts on “PQ Update: Another Thought On Using GPS”

  1. Nothing wrong with a focus on safety… This shouldn’t give any particular team an advantage…
    This is going to be a great race!

  2. Agreed! Safety should come first, above all else. And having a GPS doesn’t necessarily make you a better navigator, although it sure helps in orienting yourself.

    The race should be a really good one. The course is more than 500 miles in length, and all but 10 of that is backcountry. This could be the most challenging PQ ever.

  3. I do so love these races…
    I was so disappointed when the Eco-challenge went by the way…
    Yet the PQ has picked up the pace and that much more!

  4. I’ve always been a big fan too! 🙂 And I also missed Eco-Challenge when it left us. When I met Mark Burnett last year, I asked him to bring it back, but so far he hasn’t listened to me! 😉

    I never thought I’d actually be working as part of the crew. Can’t wait to see the event first hand! Oh, and look for an announcement on TV coverage very soon.

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