Primal Quest Updates Mandatory Gear, Bring Your Snow Shoes!

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I had an e-mail this morning from Don Mann, CEO of Primal Quest. After exchanging some thoughts on a variety of topics, Don mentioned, rather off handedly, that it was snowing again.

Later today a message was sent out to the all the teams informing them of the following:

IMPORTANT: Gear Change for PQ08

The Primal Quest crew has been working on the course this week and spent yesterday “trekking” in 10’ of snow at 9000’. Since then it has snowed another 6” over night. We have also seen temps in the low 30s F.

Snow shoes are now MANDATORY and we recommend they be the lightweight, racing type. While Yak-Traks are allowed, they may not be used in lieu of snow shoes.

At this time, crampons are not required, but we will recommend them if conditions warrant between now and the race. We will notify you as soon as possible if we make this change.

Safe travels and see you in Montana!

Chris Caul
Course Director

So, it looks like snow and more snow in Montana. Bring your snow shoes if you’re coming to the event. You’re going to need them. 😉

Kraig Becker

11 thoughts on “Primal Quest Updates Mandatory Gear, Bring Your Snow Shoes!”

  1. Is it normal to have this much snow at this time of year in Montana???
    I’m off to Missouri on Monday – should I pack my belay jacket???!

  2. Jo, There is more snow than usual this time of year, but the winter was a long one and spring took it’s time coming. Missouri has been warm for the most part though, so I wouldn’t think you’d need more than a light jacket at best. There shouldn’t be any snow there.

  3. Well I guess no snow is good (in a way) but I am not averse to an unexpected fall if the weather switches it on!

  4. Always good to be prepared of course, but summer time in the midwest is generally warm and humid. But bring a light jacket, just in case. 😉

  5. It wouldn’t be an adventure race if it didn’t have some surprises!
    When are you heading out there?

  6. There should be plenty of surprises to keep the “Adventure” in the “Race”. 🙂

    I leave the June 21st and get back on July 3rd. Part of the crew is already there of course, working away on getting the course ready.

    Should be interesting and fun!

  7. Darn!
    I was sitting here pondering the idea of sending a few select stones off to you Kraig. I will never likely get to actually see such a great event nor meet such adventure racers… I would have loved to pass on some karma to a few keeners there… But they would not likely get to you before you leave. Oh well, maybe next year. Have fun!

  8. Your stones would have been an excellent edition to the prize package of who ever found them. Perhaps next year we can coordinate ahead of time and get them out on the course. 🙂

  9. Perfect! We might even be able to work them into the race somehow. Like anyone who finds one, gets some gear or something. I’d have to talk to the management staff about that, but they are big fans of adventure and the very philosophies that we hold dear. They’d probably love the idea. 🙂

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