Remembering Iñaki

ExWeb has posted an excellent tribute to Iñaki Ochoa, the talented and daring Spanish climber who perished on Annapurna last month.

As usual, the ExWeb staff have some great memories and stories of Iñaki to share with us including tales of his exploits on the mountain as well as in camp. Iñaki was clearly an adventurous soul who loved living life on the edge. He was a strong climber with amazing abilities, but also seemed to be well liked by those around him, and his spirit and energy often inspired others.

The mountaineering community still mourns the loss of one of their own, and while it’s always sad to see someone die in the prime of their life, lets not lose sight of the fact that Iñaki died doing something he loved. His heart was in always in the mountains, and in the end, he was probably right where he wanted to be. He will be missed of course, but when it’s my turn to go, I hope it’s doing something that I am passionate about as well.

Godspeed Iñaki!

Kraig Becker

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  1. Thanks himalman. Glad you liked the post. Inaki will be missed for sure.

    Your post on the subject was excellent as well, and your blog looks very well done. Keep up the great work.

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