The Rest of Everest: Episode 85

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Episode 85 of The Rest of Everest is now available from iTunes and the episode page on the website. This episode is entitled “Good Morning Everest” and takes us right back to North Side Base Camp where we left off last week.

The episode opens with Jon talking with Justing from the LUNGevity team, who successfully scaled the mountain last year. Jon mentions that the team reached the top without using Sherpa support above ABC. A pretty unique and unusual approach to climbing Everest.

The shots of the mountain from Base camp continue to be amazing, with the distinctive plume on the summit clearly on display. This is “Everest Porn”, as Jon puts it, at it’s finest, and fans of the mountain will love the dramatic and impressive footage. Even from the video you can tell how imposing Everest is over the surrounding landscape, which is quite different than the shots we see from South Side Base Camp.

The highlights for this episode are once again the really great video footage that we’ve all come to expect, and love, from the show, but also Scott and Jon talking about their experiences in BC. You can’t help but chuckle when they talk about their guides enjoying one too many beers from the local brew, and Scott calling home to let his mom know he’s fine reminds us all that we’re never too old to check in with mom.

Next week we get to see a Puja ceremony. If you haven’t seen one, it’ll definitely be worth the wait. Can’t wait!

Kraig Becker

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