Seven Years On The High Seas!

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Here’s a story I first saw over at The Adventurist, about a man here in Austin, TX who recently completed a 7 year journey around the world by sailboat. Maybe I should read the local rag from time to time to keep up on this stuff.

Back in December of 2000, Ben Edelstein, set out in his 42 foot sailboat, the Gypsy Soul, to circumnavigate the globe. More then seven years later, he’s finally returned home. Along the way he’s visited far flung ports of call, backpacked through remote regions, and lived the adventure of his dreams.

Before leaving Texas, Ben was real estate salesman, and a successful one at that. He managed to build himself a little nest egg to fund his adventure, giving him a budget of roughly $10,000 per year while he was away. From there, he set out on the Gypsy Soul from Galveston, TX, sailed across the Gulf of Mexico and through the Caribbean, down the coast of Mexico to Panama, through the Canal, and into the great wide Pacific beyond.

What followed was seven years of adventure on the high seas, with Ben surviving wicked storms, close calls with larger vessels, shark bites, and being chased by a machete wielding thug. Much of the journey was spent by himself, but from time to time he would meet other travelers to share his adventures with, or a friend or member of his family would come join him for a time.

Now, Ben is re-entering the “real world” and getting back to daily life, something that can’t be easy. He says that he’s tapped his savings, and the Gypsy Soul needs a refit after seven years at sea. He’s looking for a job in the real estate market (Good luck with that Ben, Austin has changed a lot since you left! 😉 ) but is also in talks with some major networks to do a realty show about his journey.

Welcome home Ben. I hope re-entry isn’t too rough, and while I’m sure you’re glad to be back, I have no doubt that you’ll soon here the siren call of the ocean once again.

Kraig Becker

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  1. What an adventure, love to read about others pursuing their dreams. Definitely makes me want to see more of the world.

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