Ten Activities Your Insurance Adjuster Won’t Approve Of!

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Here’s a fun article from ProTraveller, an excellent travel site that I’ve recently been made aware of. It’s a list of Ten Completely Insane Activities Probably Not Covered by Insurance. Which of course, it probably means the ten most fun activities that we’ll all want to run out and take part in.

Making the list, as you might imagine are such things as bungee jumping, in a couple of different varieties, BASE jumping, skydiving, caged shark diving, and more. My particular favorite, which you can see in the video below, is canyon swinging. Seriously, who is the nut case that comes up with some of these? You know that they are probably well into a case of beer at the time this bright idea hits, and more often then not, the originator of such activities is from New Zealand.

ProTraveller has some other cool articles as well, such as this one on the most luxurious pools in the world, which doesn’t sound all that adventurous, but they all look really sweet to soak in after you return form that big adventure. I did especially like this article on 6 Up and Coming Countries To Visit listing places that have recently recovered from prolonged conflicts and are now safe to travel in once again. Good stuff!

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