Update on Roz Savage: 18 Days Out!

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Roz Savage continues her Trans-Pacific row and is now 18 days into her second go at making an attempt to cross the Pacific Ocean under her own power and solo no less. You’ll recall that she set out back on May 25th, departing from San Francisco with the intention of rowing to Hawaii.

Over the course of her first two and a half-weeks at sea, Roz has made some interesting posts in her blog. In her most recent post, she gets a bit philosophical about how her life has changed as she gave up her life in the corporate world to chase her dreams of adventure. I guess being alone on the water for a few weeks will inspire you to get philosophical! 🙂 In other posts, she talks about getting lonely at sea (short answer: she doesn’t!), answered the question of why she does what she does, and even celebrated World Oceans Day while at sea.

Of course, her posts also discuss a lot of her daily life aboard The Brocade named for her title sponsor as she talks about her gear, the rough seas, and generally how her day has gone as she works towards her goal. Roz will be solo rowing the Pacific in stages, with this being her first stage. Upon reaching Hawaii, she’ll have completed 2324 miles and will then take a break before returning to the ocean in 2009 to row another 2620 miles from Hawaii to Tuvalu. Finally, in 2010, the final leg runs an additional 2324 miles from Tuvalu to Australia.

Roz is off to a good start so far. Hopefully she’ll continue to have favorable weather and good conditions. Still a ways to go before she can rest though. I’ll keep you updated.

Kraig Becker

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