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A few quick hits on some websites that I frequent who have made updates recently.

First, Alan Arnette has added more videos to his online collection. Previously he had posted some great videos of his recent expedition to Everest, but has now added even more spectacular footage from K2, Broad Peak, Aconcagaua, Denali, and Orizaba. Really great stuff.

Next up, awhile back I posted on a site called that was building an online community of skiers, snowboarders, and others who liked to venture out into the snow. While it’s not ski season here in the Northern Hemisphere, the site is not resting on it’s laurels during the dog days of summer either. They’ve recently launched a blog as well, and it is being updated regularly with stories and more information. Look for it to become an even bigger resource when ski season returns.

Finally, the Summer Edition of Wend Magazine has been released online. As always, it’s full of interesting articles, such as a story of traveling through the Sahara, climbing in Viet Nam, and Kayaking in Papua New Guinea. The interface is slick and easy to read, and makes it a joy to “flip” through, even if it’s a virtual magazine online. Definitely worth taking a look at.

Kraig Becker

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