Go On An Alaskan Adventure with Discovery Channel!

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The Discovery Channel is looking for a few hearty adventurers, and you just might be what they are looking for.

The new show, which is currently being called the “next Alaskan adventure”, will send a group of people out into the wilds of Alaska where they’ll have to learn to live with one another while they also survive that hostile environment. The show is set to begin filming in the September/October time frame, and participants will have to be available for an extended stay.

You can find out more about the show, and make your pitch as to why you should be one of the members of the expedition, by going to this website. This could be your big chance to break into show business and become a huge star! Perhaps you’re the next Bear Grylls and just haven’t had your big break yet. At the bare minimum, you’ll get to go to Alaska!

Good luck to everyone who enters. Looks like it should be a fun program.

Kraig Becker

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